Over the years some great tools have been invented that really do make life a lot easier. Of course we each have our own idea of just what we mean by making life easier, but here is one list of tools that most people would probably agree does just that.

1. Penguin Tea Timer Tools. Although there are many different animal variations that you can get hold of in this innovative tea timer, the penguin is a particular favorite. Simply place the penguin beside a cup of boiling water, attach your tea bag to the penguin’s beak, and set his timer to your preferred brewing time. The penguin will then lower your tea bag into the cup for just the desired length of time, and you can get on with other things while your tea brews. Penguin tea timer tools will not only provide you with a consistent quality to your brew, but they are also great fun to use at the breakfast table.

2. Transparent Toaster Tools. To accompany your morning cup of tea, how about a nice piece of hot toast. Many people have problems when it comes to making toast, and never seem to get it quite right, ending up with toast that is either burnt, or that looks anaemic. A wonderful new invention however used the technology of heating glass to let you literally watch your bread as it toasts and stop the process when it reaches just the color you want. Transparent toaster tools are not only extremely useful, but also make an attractive addition to your kitchen, and provide a talking point for your guests.

Piece of butter on white background

Butter cutter tools are quite practical.

3. Butter Cutter Tools. Having got your cup of tea, and a beautifully cooked slice of hot toast, the final element in the equation is just the right amount of butter so that your toast is neither too dry, nor dripping with too much butter. In these health conscious times it is great therefore to find that someone has invented a tool that can slice a single standard pat of butter every time you click the handle. Butter cutter tools hold enough butter for several servings and can be kept in the refrigerator, and refilled in a matter of seconds.

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