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As we age, we may find the need to improve memory abilities in ourselves or our loved ones. Good memory is beneficial in our daily lives, for work, family and safety. We can improve memory by taking some easy and achievable steps in our daily routine. We can then help ward off such diseases as Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. We can all make life easier by following some simple health tips.

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Exercise is important to improve memory.

Exercise is extremely beneficial for good brain health, especially cardio exercise. When we exercise our bodies, we exercise our brains as well. Start off by getting off the couch and walking. You can increase your walking time a little bit each day. If mobility isn’t an issue, there are fitness clubs with a variety of equipment for a balanced exercise routine.

Social interaction is also very important to improve memory. Healthy relationships, both at home, and with friends keep your mind running like a well-oiled machine. Good conversation with friends and acquaintances are beneficial for memory.

Laughter is also a good brain food. Whether you laugh with people, or while watching television or a movie, you can improve memory by doing something that is enjoyable.

Stress is both a physical and mental killer. Managing stress in your daily life is critical for keeping your mind peaceful and calm.

Meditation is a good way to improve memory. There are many meditation CD’s that will guide you through a meditation. Once you settle and quiet your mind, you will find it more clear and uncluttered.

Get enough sleep each night. Your brain cannot function unless it is at full capacity.

Eat healthy foods that are more nutritious. Fruits, vegetables and non-processed foods are very good for the brain and can help to improve memory.

Don’t smoke, limit alcohol or cut it out of your routine altogether. Alcohol kills brain cells.

Drink green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals which can damage brain cells.

Supplements such as Gingko and Omega 3 can also help to improve memory.

Learn something new that you are not familiar with. If you keep doing the same things over and over, you are not allowing new pathways to be created in your brain. You can improve memory by learning a new language, a new sport, or a new instrument. Try something you are not normally good at, for a good brain exercise.

Regularly doing crossword puzzles is another way to help improve memory. There are also lots of books on brain games that have been especially created to help improve memory and exercise one’s brain.

These simple health tips are a good start to help improve your memory and make your life easier.

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